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Get a giftcoins card

Get a giftcoins card

Giftcoins cards are the easiest way to get bitcoins almost instantly. You can purchase a giftcoins card easily from any of our authorized resellers online or offline.

Use your giftcoins code

Use your giftcoins code

Redeem your giftcoins card and get bitcoins added to your wallet within minutes. No hassle. Just enter your card code and your bitcoin wallet ID and you're done.

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Voila! Enjoy spending

Over 2,000 online stores accept bitcoins. Enjoy free, fast and secure shopping as it should be.


Giftcoins is the quickest way to get bitcoins. Simply purchase a giftcoins card from one of our resellers, have your code delivered to you online and instantly redeem it. You'll receive your bitcoins within minutes.

Bitcoins are the equivalent of internet cash. You can send bitcoins over the internet to anyone, directly. No middle-man involved. But buying bitcoins can be a complex and time consuming. Enter giftcoins: the fastest, easiest way to buy bitcoins.

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Giftcoins is the only gift card that you can exchange for bitcoins directly and instantly.

Become a giftcoins card reseller and help the bitcoin world grow. Our reseller program allows you to buy giftcoins cards in bulk with up to a 6% discount based on volume to sell directly to your customers.

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Like cash, bitcoin transactions are irreversible